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This is a PFMC Statewide event

Festivals competition winners from both the East Region and the West Region will compete for the semi-final awards.  The Statewide Festivals Junior Finals Competition will take place at Pine Street UMC on April 29 at 12:30 pm.  Both piano solos and concerto entries will be judged for monetary awards.

Winner of the Aikens-Cadman Award $400

(to be awarded in Williamsport Biennialy)
One PFMC President’s Award $250
One PFMC Honorary Award $100
One PFMC Memorial Award $100
*Two Special Recognition Awards $75 each
*Special Recognition Awards are given to students who did not receive one of the top 3 awards but are worthy  of recognition.

The PFMC Festivals Competition is open to Juniors (through age 18) who participate in the 2023 Festivals and meet all requirements listed below. The purpose of this competition is to offer Festivals entrants the opportunity to take their music to the next level and compete for money awards. Our goal has been to see this program expand each year to include more events and host the State Competition in central location in PA. This year the East vs. West Regional winners will compete in Williamsport, PA. on Saturday, April 29th.

RULES to Participate ...
1. Entrants must participate in their local 2023 Junior Music Festivals- Piano Solo or Concerto Event-

Medium Level and Higher. Your 2023 Festival Score must be SUPERIOR Rating.
2. Entrants play their Required Piece (listed in Festivals Bulletin) used for the 2023 Festivals.

3. Applications must be submitted for Regional Semi-finals (East/West) by April 7th,2023, along with a $25 non- refundable entrants fee. (This fee is in addition to any other Festivals Fees)

4. A COPY of the PFMC state certificate and copies of the judges sheets must be included with application. (Be certain to keep the original document.) Original judging sheets are not necessary this year

5. A Regional winner and runner-up will be chosen for each level and receive an Award.

6. The winner will go to on to compete at the PFMC State Finals Competition in Williamsport on Saturday, April 29th. If the Regional winner is unable to attend the State Competition, the first runner-up will compete in their place. Prize money and medals will be awarded for the State winners.

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